I’ve heard non-artistic people say again and again; “I can’t even draw a stick man.”  Well, I can.  Some years back, I got the idea for a cartoon strip and began producing them with diligent regularity.  They were a little wonky at first, but as I pressed into refining the idea and adding my Christian worldview to the humor of the text, I zeroed in on the finished product I was looking for.  They have always been and always will be, drawn and lettered by hand.  After a while, I allowed the issues of life to pull me away from this aspect of my creativity, but I thought this would be a good outlet to showcase them.  As my stock of finished cartoons dwindles by publishing them here, I intend to return to producing more.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did drawing them.


Slanted Shtick

Congressional Fist Fight

Celeb Mags